Meet Haley

Hi pals! I am overjoyed to have you here and can't wait to be present with you for life's special moments. To further introduce myself; I grew up in Windsor Ontario with my mom, dad and two sisters whom are my best friends! When I was 17, I moved to Waterloo and went to post secondary at Conestoga College for Fitness and Health Promotion. I graduated in 2018 and worked for 3 years as a Fitness Instructor and Corporate Wellness consultant. I have now transitioned into a career as a full time Freelance Wedding Photographer.

While I worked in the fitness industry I also traveled to 5 continents and many countries to learn about the world and myself. I've made a conscious effort to dive into the native culture and traditions in every country I've visited, widening my horizon to the true beauty of life and earth in all forms. The best part was all of the wonderful people I met along the way. I loved chatting with locals and other backpackers to learn their stories. My travels have made me tremendously humble, grateful and empathetic, and I have a new perspective on life that I never could have learned from a Netflix documentary. So far my two favourite countries I've visited are Guatemala and Greece but my Travel journeys are everlasting.

A few other things about me; I love disco music and 90s hip hop, my fiance Andre and I are huge outdoor enthusiasts, I often explore local cafes and I enjoy doing yoga at home.

That's me in a nutshell! Thinking we might jive well together? Hit the contact button above and get in touch with me. Let's capture some memories together and maybe embark on an adventure or two along the way!

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